Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A New Addition to the Crew - Mulligan

Usually at this time of year golf course across Canada are reducing the size of their crews.  This is no different for the Greywolf Turfcare Department.  The seasonal staff are now gone, remaining senior staff are finishing up last minute outdoor jobs, and the snow is now falling (these facts also mean I can get back to regular blog posts!).
But there has been a recent addition to the Greywolf Turfcare crew.  A couple of weeks ago I adopted a new dog from a rescue organization called Global Animal Lovers (GAL’s for short).  After much debate amongst my nieces and nephews as well as the crew, the name Mulligan or Mulli for short was settled upon.  I personally wanted to name her Fore – just so I could yell it out on the golf course and watch the reaction of golfers!  Common sense prevailed.
Mulli on Cliffhanger

Mulli is a Border Collie between the ages of one and two years old.  She was rescued off the Peigan Reserve near Pincher Creek.   Mulli is adapting to Greywolf and loves to be around the crew and the golf course.  She is a changed dog from four weeks ago when I first brought her to Panorama on a trial bases.  If you are a squirrel or a deer beware!   She is friendly to everyone else.  She now believes the golf course is her personal territory. 
There is still a lot of work to do with Mulli and patience will be required from members, guests, and myself as I train her on proper golf course behaviour.  Currently she does not understand the different areas of the golf course and loves sand.  This means there is a tremendous amount of playing in sand traps right now.  Unless she can learn how to drive a Sand Pro, this behaviour will have to be corrected by opening day 2012.  Mulli is also very fond of boots, shoes, socks, and gloves and is forcing the crew and myself to become neater around the shop.  She also took a liking to my leather recliner at home - the joys of a young dog!
Mulligan is also pleased that her sibling, Payton, has been adopted by our Head Pro, Gavin and his girlfriend, Paula.  There are regular walks with the both dogs along Toby Creek and the thirteenth hole.
The following video is one I put together to thank the volunteers at GAL’s.  Yes, the music is sappy but I spent five months searching for the right dog and thanks to their efforts, I found one.  They rescued Mulli, spayed, vaccinated, cleaned her up, and brought her from Alberta to Invermere.  Global Animal Lovers is made up of volunteers dedicated to rescuing animals, stopping over population of pets through spay and neuter clinics, and providing animals with homes.  So you will have to forgive the sappiness factor but I want to thank them for all they have done.

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