Thursday, November 3, 2011

Greywolf’s Own Video Auteur

Dan Kytic is Greywolf’s and Panorama’s own amateur cinematographer.  His work continues to improve with each new video.  One of his most recent works can be seen in the YouTube video that is attached.  This video has over 77 separate shots taken during the fall of 2011.  I am particularly fond of the shots of the greens mowers and rollers at the start of the video, but I am somewhat biased.

Dan was Greywolf’s 2011 “Summer Star” and was recognized for his positive attitude and willingness to help out where ever needed.  This recognition was well deserved.   The management team could always rely on Dan to help out in any department whether in the Golf Shop, as an Equipment Coordinator, or as an on-course Player’s Assistant.   Dan is the type of employee other staff members want to work with.  He handled every customer interaction with poise and professionalism.  He carries this passion and dedication to the rest of his life.  Whether it is his other pursuits of mountain biking, skiing, videographer, or golf you know it will be carried out with a passion for life and a smile on Dan’s face.  This passion for learning and going the extra mile is demonstrated in Dan’s video.

He has inspired me to try and get some of my video clips meshed together with some semblance of order and quality but that may be wishful thinking.  Stay tuned.  
For some reason Dan also gave me some credit in his film.  Not sure why?  I loaned him some camera clamps and chatted with him about his video.  There were others that did much more and I learned more by chatting with Dan than I ever gave back.  But thanks Dan, nice work on the video and belated congrats as the “Summer Star.”   I will be staying in tune with your YouTube channel for upcoming winter videos.

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  1. Dam, so jealous, have barely played a round since playing Greywolf most days last summer, nowhere else (I can afford) even kind of compares! Great work Darren and Dan I guess. Awesome video.