Monday, June 6, 2011

Is the Bubble About to Burst?

Last Thursday we were notified of a “problem” by golfers on the 14th fairway.  When we got to the area we discovered the largest turf blisters or bubble I have seen in my career.  The bubble was caused by an irrigation break on the fairway pipe loop.  The break was the result of a compression coupler that failed.  These types of repair fittings often fail and are no longer used by our staff due to their high failure rate.  The break has been repaired and most of the turf on the fairway has returned to normal.  We will roll the sod that is uneven early this week.

Irrigation Break and Blister on #14 Fairway - Scott and Andrew at Break Location

Blister Profile - at least 18" High
Scott Standing on Blister

The problem fitting

Yes the bubble did burst.  But not by natural causes.

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