Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking Good

We are continuing to monitor the turf on our greens and to date everything looks great.  We recently inspected the 13th and 18th greens.  Both these greens have tarps on them and when we cut into the tarps the turf looked excellent.  No signs of disease or anoxia.  We also inspected the 7th green which is un-tarped.  It looked excellent as well – no ice and no disease.

#18 Green after Cutting into Tarp - No Need to Sample

#13 Green Sample
On all greens, and the entire golf course, the snowpack is substantial.  On the 18th green, which is a green in full sun and out in the open, there is approximately 34” of snow cover.  In shaded areas on the golf course there is between 36” and 40” of snow still remaining.  

34" of Snow on #18
We are not clearing greens as of yet.  There are several reasons for this.  The main reason to start moving snow would be a turf problem under the snow.  Right now there is no turf condition that is concerning us – therefore no reason to move snow.  Also moving snow would be challenging and create walls of snow around the greens that would not melt for months.
The only area of concern is snow levels and getting the golf course ready for opening.  This is something that Mother Nature has to assist us with.  Some warm weather and a late spring rain would be great.  Right now it is a waiting game – waiting for temperatures to rise and waiting for the snow to melt.

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