Monday, April 23, 2012

Its A Guy Thing

One of the unique experiences about working at Greywolf and Panorama is that I get to run a Snow Cat in the winter.  I must admit it is not for the extra pay cheque.  The reason I do it could be chalked up to what I call a “guy thing.”  I get to crank the radio up while I drive a unique and large piece of equipment in a setting that is majestic.  It is peaceful when you are 15km from civilization surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery.  It is an experience that I would not have at most other golf courses.
Occasionally we even use the Snow Cat to assist us with snow removal on the golf course (click the link to see us clearing a green with the Snow Cat).

Removing Snow off of Nursery - April 20, 2012
On Friday we returned the Snow Cat to Mountain Operations after clearing our sod nursery of snow.  The following video was shot during the 2011/12 Nordic grooming season.  Hope it highlights why I do the job! 


  1. What a great representation of nordic grooming! Best video I have seen yet!

  2. Loved that video! As an avid cross-country skier I truly appreciate the work you put into grooming these trails. Thanks for another great season!

    Mark Thomas

    1. Thanks Mark. Could not beat the snow this year as well as last. Hoping for another great season next year!