Saturday, April 7, 2012

C Math Has Left the Building

On Friday I had to say farewell, good luck, and good bye to a colleague and good friend.  It was a sad day for me because it was Assistant Superintendent Colin Matheson’s last day at Greywolf. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Colin for nine years.  Colin and I started working together at the Golden Golf and Country Club in 2003.  At that time Colin was not in the turfgrass profession.  He was studying engineering at the University of Calgary.  Like myself and many others, Colin soon found that working outside and on a golf course was a passion.
Sprayer Calibration with Luzzane
One of my fondest memories about Colin was when he discussed dropping out of university and enrolling in Fairview Colleges Turfgrass program.  When he discussed changing the direction of his post secondary education with his parents, his mother phoned me to discuss what the career of a turfgrass professional entailed.  She wanted to know if there was work in the winter, if there were opportunities for a long term career, and wanted to ensure this was not some short term endeavor so Colin could play more golf.  I thought it showed great family support that Colin’s parents would inquire and follow up on a change in careers.   Colin went on to attend Fairview College and graduated at the top of his class with Distinction.

When I left Golden in 2007, I quickly approached Colin about working at Greywolf.  He started at Greywolf that spring as irrigation foreman.  In 2008, Colin earned the position of Assistant Superintendent because of his education, professionalism, and passion for the business.

Modelling Ladies Visors During Frost Delay
During the last five years at Greywolf, Colin has supported myself and worked tirelessly for Greywolf.   In the spring of 2009 and 2010 when Greywolf suffered devastating loses due to ice damage, Colin worked  relentlessly to get the course back into condition for our guests.   He could always be counted on to work the long (and cold) hours prepping the course for winter.  Colin understands that turf and weather do not know the calendar or a clock.  He is dedicated to his profession.

The time has come for change and Colin has moved onto the Olympic View Golf Course in Victoria BC as Assistant Superintendent.

Greywolf will miss Colin.  I will miss Colin.  I will miss him as a colleague and as friend.  I wish him all the  best.

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