Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tarp Time Lapse and Explanation

I have been a little late in adding this post to the blog. The tarp crew, consisting of seven to ten staff this fall, installed all 11 Green Jacket tarps from October 24 to October 30.  If weather conditions are right, the tarps can be installed in three days.  But frost and poor weather prolonged the installation this year.

The following video shows the tarp installation process. It is a time lapse of the tarp installation on #2 and #12 greens this year. The second video, put together in 2010, details the tarp installation process and was put together for our ownership group, members, and guests.

The 2011 Tarp Crew

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  1. Great work Darren. Your video on your tarp system is the best I have ever seen. Good luck this winter, I look forward to following your progress.