Thursday, August 11, 2011

Injured Coyote???

Over the past few months I have had a few calls about a coyote with an injured paw on the golf course.  The coyote’s front left leg seems to have sustained an injury or there was some kind of abnormality at birth.  The coyote was first noticed in the spring when we were removing the tarp off of thirteen green and has been seen around the golf course several times since the spring.  Yesterday he was seen on the seventh fairway.

The following is some blurry and choppy video shot of him around the golf course.  He runs with a limp.  You may also be able to notice his paw is permanently bent at a 90 degree angle.  Besides being a little braver and a little slower than a normal coyote there is no need for concern.  He is very healthy, has good mobility, and has never had an encounter with a golfer.  The video clip shows the coyote’s ability to climb up a rock and cross creeks.  I am encouraging him to stay and hunt as many gophers as he wants!

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