Monday, May 2, 2011

A Different Twist on KP

We came up with a twist on the standard closest to the hole competition.  The crew was excited and happy with the results on the turf after we removed the tarp from #13 green - a notoriously troublesome green.  Green was in such good shape, we gave it a mow at a very high height of cut (H.O.C.) - .25”.  We did not want to remove too much leaf blade at one time. 

In the video the green looks a little off color near the cup.  It is a little distorted from the camera phone and the area is not growing as fast as it was the last portion of the green to clear of snow and is very shaded.

One final note – Andrew, intern from Olds College, did end up winning the competition.  In celebration he made a bold move at the end of the video by stuffing a snowball down the Assistant Superintendents jacket.  We have been joking with Andrew that it could be a long summer for him!

Good to be out on the turf.

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