Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Sampling Results

We continue to sample the greens.  We continue to see good results.  No signs of snow mold, anoxia or ice damage. 

Sample from #4 Green after rewarming in shop

Sample from #4 Green taken on April 1, 2011 - after rewarming

I was hoping the need for samples from our greens would be done by now but the long winter and late spring will necessitate the continuation of this program.   The biggest concern is no longer anoxia under the tarps.  Anoxia is the depletion of oxygen under the tarps.  The oxygen and carbon dioxide levels under the tarps continue to look good.  We sample under the tarps with an oxygen and carbon dioxide monitor weekly.  I am hoping the edges of the tarps will be exposed in the next two weeks.  This should help the turf under the tarps breath a little more. 

My main concerns are now snow mold and crown hydration.  Snow mold has two forms---Pink (Microdocium nirvala) and Grey (Thypula spp.).  Generally these two diseases occur when there are cool and wet conditions around the leaf blade or crown of the plant.  Snow cover is not required but as their name implies, these diseases thrive when there is snow cover.  Generally golf courses will see these two diseases as the snow recedes.

As part of an integrated pest management program we apply plant protectants in the fall to prevent snow mold from occurring while the turf is covered with snow.  The protectants provide us with 120 to 160 days of protection.  As of April 10 we will have been under snow cover for 160 days.  With our protectants reaching the end of their cycle and the melting snow providing the cool and wet conditions snow mold thrives in, we will be keeping a close watch on disease pressure on our greens.

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