Friday, February 18, 2011

Speaking With Future Turf Managers

Scott talking to students about internship at Greywolf
Yesterday Scott Elliott, Greywolf’s Second Assistant, and myself had the pleasure of speaking with future turf manager at Olds College.  It was a privilege to talk with students about our internship program and how agronomy and economics are intertwined at Greywolf.   I was exciting to listen to and answer questions from the students about the maintenance and cultural practices at Greywolf.  I was thrilled by the depth and number of questions (and the fact I did not put them to sleep!).
Scott and I also took the opportunity to sit down with Jim Ross from the Prairie Turf Research Centre and review the data from our tarp project.  We also reviewed the data from other golf courses with similiar tarp projects and discussed what other superintendents are experiencing on their golf courses this winter.
Thanks to Jason Pick and the students at Olds for taking the time to host us.  It was a pleasure to speak in front of students who will be future colleagues.

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