Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Prior to the onset of winter, we installed a new tarping system on eleven of our  greens.  These greens where chosen because we have struggled with them in the spring the past two years.  The majority of the spring turf problems have been caused by ice.   The ice has formed from late fall and early winter rains.    There has also been instances of crown hydration in the spring on several of the putting surfaces.  I will try to discuss this condition in future posts.

After looking at several tarping systems and talking to fellow superintendents, we chose to go with Green Jacket tarps.   There are many different options out there, we felt this was the best option for Greywolf.

The easiest way to demonstrate the steps involved in the tarp installation was to create a slide show.  I hope this clearly explains the installation process, the steps involved, and the monitoring of conditions under the tarps.  

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